Our main reason for starting Root Kitchen was to make healthy plant-based eating easy and delicious for as many people as possible. 
We also wanted to spread the positive impact of our business beyond the shores of the UK and whilst researching the concept we were introduced to the guys at One Feeds Two, an amazing charity that give nutritious school meals to children living in some of the poorest places in the world.  
From the start we have joined forces with One Feeds Two meaning that for every Root Kitchen meal you buy through our website, a school meal is donated.  Watch the video below to see the amazing positive impact this charity can have on these children’s lives:

Providing free school meals to these children has further reaching benefits than just satisfying immediate hunger, it also:
  1. Improves school attendance
  2. Improves concentration and health
  3. Raises communities out of poverty
We would like to Thank You for helping us to support this charity and if you are interested in learning more about One Feeds Two click here.