Help spread the word of plants!
As a Root Kitchen ambassador, you'll receive a box of delicious Root Kitchen meals delivered to your door every month.  In return we ask you to capture significant moments and post them to your social accounts, during the course of your ambassadorship.  Check to see if you are ambassador material; If you're passionate about spreading the message of plants, confident you can commit to these activities per month and have over 5000 followers, contact us via the form below:

- 2 Instagram stories per week
- 2 Instagram posts per month
- Pieces of content involving our products.
- 3 tweets (if applicable)
- Must be UK based

Initial Send out delivery:
A box of the full range
- Butternut Squash Lasagne
- Korean Style Tofu Noodles
- Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta
- Melanzane Bake
- Moussaka
- Plant Based Curry
- Shepherds Pie
- Thai Red Vegetable Curry
- Tofu Tikka Masala

Whats in it for you?
- Unique discount code for your followers
- 6 meal bundle each month
- Personal discount code to use on site on all products
- Exclusive insight on NPD
- Feature on Root Kitchen website and social media.