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"Root Kitchen believe in zero food waste and locally sourced ingredients to offer hearty delicious food in the form of Korean Style Tofu Noodles, Vegetable Jalfrezi, Moussaka, and more." - Read more

"It’s so tasty we’ve also featured it in our 2021 Veganuary recipe guide" - Read more

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"Coming from a family of foodies, the founders of Root Kitchen are on a mission to fill Britain’s freezers with incredible 100% plant-based frozen meals.They have a zero food waste ethos and aim to source their ingredients as locally as possible." - Read more


"Root Kitchen is providing just that: delicious and nutritious vegan meals that simply require heating from frozen." : Read more


17 Best New, Healthy Vegan Food And Drink Products
"Chef prepared, plant based, frozen ready meal brand, Root Kitchen offers an excellent range of dishes for their launch this month." - Read more 

"British brand Root Kitchen has a meal subscription service for its range of ten frozen plant-based favourites which simply need to be heated and enjoyed."  - Read more