Root Kitchen is brought to you by Brother in Law and Sister in Law (we know, random combination) David & Rishma.  We come from a family of foodies and are on a mission to fill Britain's freezers with amazing 100% plant based frozen meals. 

Our Inspiration
Cooking has been in our family heritage for generations.  Rishma's mother, Laila was a professional cook and emigrated to the UK from Tanzania in the 1970's, armed with a mind full of recipes that had passed down for generations.  We wanted to carry on this tradition and deliver the most innovative, nutritious and delicious plant-based meals across the UK.

The Idea
The idea for Root Kitchen came in late 2019.  Rishma has suffered from fatigue and immunity based health issues for a number of years and was subsequently diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), a long-term (chronic), fluctuating, neurological condition that causes symptoms affecting many body systems, more commonly the nervous and immune systems.

After trailing a plant based diet, Rishma realised there were very few convenient, nutritious and affordable options for people like her, so she took to the kitchen and started creating.