Local, Responsibly Sourced Ingredients     
We have well established relationships with some amazing, local suppliers who can provide us with amazing fresh ingredients. We don’t use any artificial colours or preservatives and also try to source our ingredients from as local to us as possible, not only is it good to support our local economy but it ensures that vegetables’ journey from farm to fork is as short as possible, ensuring only the freshest veg makes it in to our meals whilst keeping food miles to a minimum.
Absolutely No Food Waste
All of our meals are cooked, by chefs from scratch, in small batches using 70 litre stock pots over gas heat, using the same methods that you would use at home but on a larger scale.  We only cook what we need and blast freeze as soon as the meals have been portioned, locking in nutrients and giving a shelf life of 15 months.
Our founders, David & Rishma, have worked in the ready meal industry for a combined 16 years.  With Root Kitchen, we are both completely passionate about filling Britain’s freezers with the best quality, plant based meals.

Planet-Friendly Packaging
Being responsible and making sure our footprint is as small as possible really matters to us. Our box, recycled denim insulation, cardboard trays and sleeves are fully recyclable, with the box and insulation also being biodegradable.  Ideally it would be great to work alongside you to reuse our boxes, liners and gel packs so we have set up a free returns scheme for these, just contact us and we will email you a Collect+ label to send your packaging back to us.