You can’t beat a freshly-made meal.  That’s why we make every one of our dishes from scratch, and then put them straight into the freezer to lock in the goodness of the ingredients, using natures natural preservative, ice.

Freezing food within an hour of cooking it is like pausing a fresh nutrient packed meal – until you decide to press ‘play’ and eat the benefits, when you’re ready for a feast.

By freezing, we know you will enjoy every one of our meals at its very best – as if you have made it from fresh in your kitchen at home.

Reduce Food Waste
We use just the right amount of frozen vegetables and our portions have been nutritionally balanced to ensure you can enjoy a fulfilling dinner with no waste.

Be Good To Yourself
Frozen vegetables are a great way to get your ‘5 A DAY’ and are often more vitamin-rich than fresh ones. Why? Because Freezing vegetables locks in vitamins at the point of harvest.

Eat Local
We don’t want to be flying our ingredients in from around the world. Freezing food enables us to choose from the pick of locally sourced vegetables, giving you that ‘just picked’ taste experience whatever the season.