Are Rishma and David doing the cooking?

Nope! David is certainly not a chef and whilst Rishma is a New Product Developer and oversees our process, we pass the cooking on to our experienced team of development chefs – these guys are really talented and know how to balance ingredients to give customers the most amazing flavours every time.


Do you use preservatives in your dishes?

Definitely not!  We use only natural ingredients, no artificial colours, no preservatives using the power of frozen to preserve our food.  Freezing is nature’s way of preserving food and the only method we rely on.

Can your dishes be microwaved from frozen?

All our meals can be cooked in the oven or the microwave.  Just follow the instructions on the sleeves to achieve the best results.

I don’t have a microwave! What should I do?

All our meals can be cooked in the oven, from frozen, in less than 45 minutes. If you have more time and fancy an oven cook, just follow the instructions on the sleeves.

How long will each dish last in my freezer?

All our dishes last over fifteen months in the freezer, giving you extra flexibility and reducing any unnecessary food waste.

Who do you source your ingredients?

We use a number of local suppliers.  We’re lucky that the Fylde Coast, we are from, is a really well-established area for growing vegetables.  We source the majority of our products locally from suppliers in the Lancashire area, ensuring a swift turnaround for freshness and consistency. 

We understand quality is very important to our customers and all our ingredients undergoes stringent quality control procedures. 


Is delivery free?

Delivery is free on orders.  The minimum box size is 6 meals and this is to ensure that we can use a next day, carbon neutral courier to ensure the meals are delivered to you frozen in the best condition. 

What if I’m not home when you deliver?

All our boxes are fully insulated, so they’ll keep your food frozen until you’re home. We can leave your Root Kitchen box in a safe place or with a neighbour if you’re out.

Can I recycle your packaging?

You can! Our recycled denim insulated boxes are sustainable, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

What is the recycled denim liner for?

We use a 100% recycled denim insulated packaging in our box lining, which keeps our meals within the temperature ranges required by the Food Standard Agency (FSA). We use it to package up our frozen meals, as it’s the most efficient, sustainable option out there. In fact, it’s 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Can I reuse my recycled denim liner?

Yes! We have lots of ideas for you.  Our customers have come up with some ingenious ways to re-use the liners.  You could use the recycled denim liners to keep drinks cold at a picnic, or to keep a fresh loaf of bread warm. It’s pretty versatile.

How do I recycle my recycled denim liner?

If you aren’t looking to reuse your denim packaging, simply remove the plastic outer layer – this can be put in with your standard plastic recycling. Then just put the denim liner into a compost bin (if available) or dig it into the soil in the garden.  Some local authorities will accept the denim in household garden waste bins – it’s just a matter of checking with the local council to find out which recycling facilities are available in your area. If you end up having to pop the denim into the general waste bin, don’t panic – it will break down in landfill.

Can I pause my subscription if I go on holiday?

Yes. Our flexible subscriptions can be changed, paused or cancelled whenever you like!

Can I pick a specific delivery time slot?

Not yet, but we’re working on it! At the moment, you can pick your preferred delivery day, just add it to the notes section of the order page – and we'll let you know the specific time slot you’ve been allotted that morning.