One of our main priorities at Root Kitchen is to minimise our impact on the environment.  We want to work alongside our customers to make sure that our business leaves our planet in as good or a better condition than it was before.  

Unfortunately not all local councils recycle everything. To find out if yours recycles paper and card please visit Recycle Now (you’ll also be able to find your nearest recycling bank here if they don’t).  For recycling information about our current packaging, read on:

Let’s All work together to Recycle


The cardboard sleeves on our meals are 100% recyclable when sorted into the appropriate paper/card category.

100% of the cardboard that our ingredients are delivered to our Factory in Lancashire, is recycled.  All cardboard (and waste paper) is baled then collected and taken away to be reused.

Food Waste

Unfortunately, almost a third of all food manufactured for humans across the world is wasted, however we believe that the majority of this waste is avoidable.  We portion our meals so that they are perfect for one however the meals can also be reheated the next day if there are leftovers.  Furthermore, most local authorities provide UK homes with a food waste recycling bin, so if you don’t manage to finish your meal, you needn’t create any waste.

Plastic Film

The film that seals our meals is not currently recyclable and should be put into a mixed waste bin. We are looking at alternative seals to plastic film, so watch this space! 


Our cardboard trays come in either black or cream and once rinsed out can go in with your usual paper and recycling.

Home Delivery Packaging

Most elements of our Home Delivery packaging are recyclable.  The outer box is made of cardboard and is 100% recyclable at any cardboard recycling centre or doorstep collection.

The insulating liner is made of recycled denim which is fully recyclable when removed from the from it's cover. The recycled denim can also be used in a number of creative ways (as suggested by our customers) or can be returned to us to reuse again.

Once the gel packs have defrosted, the contents can be poured straight down your sink as they are completely non-toxic. The empty bags can then be taken to your nearest recycling centre as they’re made of the same material as a normal supermarket carrier bag.

Return Your Box To Us

You can return your box with it’s ice packs and insulated liner for us to reuse!

Help us cut down our carbon footprint even further by saving up a few orders and sending all your ice packs and liners back to us in one go.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Pop all your gel packs and insulated liners in one box.
  2. Contact us and we will send you a Collect Plus label which you can attach to your box.
  3. Pop to your local CollectPlus store to return your box. (Find your local store here).