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8 Ways to Include Fitness in Your Busy Life

David Beaver

We get it—you're busy! With a jam-packed schedule, finding time to be active may seem like an impossible task. But fear not! We've got your back with these eight easy and practical ways to boost your activity levels throughout the day.  And hey, we promise to keep things fun and light-hearted, just like your favourite sitcom!

Grab the lead and walk your dog

Let's kick things off with an activity that's tail-waggingly good: walking your dog! It's a win-win situation—your furry friend gets their exercise, and you get to sneak in some steps too. If you don't have a dog of your own, no need to fret. You can still enjoy the benefits of a canine companion by using apps like BorrowMyDoggy. It's like having a furry fitness buddy without the long-term commitment. Plus, who can resist those adorable wagging tails and wet-nosed greetings?

Take a stroll with loved ones

Walking with loved ones is not only a great way to spend time together, but it also gets you moving. Whether it's your kids, housemate, or partner, take them along for a leisurely stroll. It's an opportunity to catch up, share stories, and enjoy each other's company without the constant distraction of screens. And hey, why not make it a fun adventure by playing classic games like "I Spy"? You'll be amazed at how much laughter and bonding can happen while trying to find hidden treasures around the area you live.

Walk and talk

We know work calls can sometimes feel like they chain you to your desk. But guess what? You don't have to be glued to your chair! Break free from the monotony by turning work calls into active moments. Put on your headphones, grab your mobile, and get moving. Walking while talking not only adds a dose of physical activity to your day but can also spark creativity and fresh ideas. And if you're back in the office, be a trendsetter and suggest a "walking meeting" to your colleagues. Who says brainstorming can't happen while stretching your legs?

Power up your cleaning sessions

Cleaning may not be everyone's favourite activity, but here's a secret: you can turn it into a mini workout session. How? By putting on some tunes! Create a playlist filled with your favourite energetic songs or listen to that true crime podcast you're obsessed with. Before you know it, you'll find yourself dancing with the broom, lunging with the vacuum cleaner, and scrubbing to the rhythm. Cleaning has never been this entertaining, and you'll be burning calories while making your living space sparkle.

Tune into fitness

We all have guilty pleasures when it comes to TV shows. But instead of mindlessly binge-watching, why not retrain your inner couch potato? Transform TV time into an opportunity for physical activity. Walk or jog in place while catching up on your favourite dramas, practice yoga or lift weights during commercials, or hop on the treadmill at the gym and catch your must-see TV shows while getting your heart pumping. It's like having your own personal trainer and Netflix marathon combined!

Ditch the wheels

Parking stress? No thanks! Spare yourself the hassle and add more active time to your day by parking farther away from your destination. Or better yet, leave the car at home altogether and opt for alternative modes of transportation. Walking or biking not only adds a dose of physical activity but also allows you to soak in the sights and sounds of your surroundings. If you rely on public transport, try getting off a stop earlier and enjoy a brisk walk to your destination. Who knows, you might stumble upon hidden gems or can you can pop into your favourite café along the way. Just remember to keep an umbrella in your bag for unexpected weather changes!

Embrace the stairs

Elevate your activity levels by embracing the power of stairs. Sure, the elevator may seem like the convenient option, but taking the stairs is a great way to sneak in some exercise. Challenge yourself to climb a few flights of stairs instead of pressing that button. And here's a little secret—climbing the escalator counts too! So, instead of just standing there, take the active route and climb your way up. It's a simple way to get your heart pumping and tone those leg muscles.

Reach for the stars

Remember those star jumps you used to do during PE class? Well, it's time to bring them back! Make it a habit to incorporate simple exercises like squats or star jumps into your daily routine. While waiting for the kettle to boil or the microwave to finish, seize the opportunity to get your blood pumping and your body moving. You'll be amazed at how these quick bursts of activity can invigorate your day. So, go ahead, reach for the stars and make those microwave minutes count!

Now that you have these eight easy ways to include more physical activity in your busy life, it's time to put them into action. But hey, we're not done yet! We can't forget about the importance of proper nutrition. After all, fuelling your body with the right foods is key to supporting an active lifestyle.

If you're looking for delicious and nutritious options to keep you winning at the active game, we've got you covered.  Dishes like our Korean Style Tofu Noodles and Vegan Tikka Masala are packed full of protein, giving you the energy you need to tackle your busy schedule and stay active. Our vegan frozen meals are designed to keep you fuelled and ready to conquer the day.

So, whether you're walking the dog, taking a stroll with loved ones, or turning cleaning into a dance party, remember that incorporating more activity into your life is not only beneficial for your physical well-being but also a great way to add some fun and excitement. Get moving, laugh along the way, and enjoy the journey to a more active and healthier you!

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