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Self Sustainable Living: The Easy Way To Live Life More Sustainably

David Beaver
Whether you are looking to make a big difference to our planet's future, or simply want a few tips and tricks to get you started, here are some easy ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


Prior to even discussing Reuse and Recycle in this blog post, let us acknowledge that one of the best things we can do to save the planet is just to reduce our consumption.

Fast fashion retailers have become increasingly common over the past twenty years, enabling consumers to buy cheap clothes, wherever we are, for surprisingly affordable prices however these fast-fashion brands have a devastating effect on our environment.

The fast fashion industry leads to a vicious cycle in which consumers become less and less attached to their clothes and view them as disposable items than ever before. Most of the time the quality of the garments is exceptionally poor and they aren't designed to last very long.

Additionally, as we reduce the amount of clothes we purchase, there are many options for eco-concious fashion lovers to satisfy their sartorial urges that won't break the bank and are much kinder for the planet. Sites like thrifted, SWAP and ThreadUP have some awesome designer and vintage bargains at really keen prices.


The easiest and most effective way to reduce the impact that your everyday lifestyle has on the environment is to re-use items wherever possible.

Some items you should re-purpose like coffee cups and water bottles are obvious, but you would be surprised at how many creative reusable options there are for everyday items that you aren't aware of.

You can choose to switch to a refillable cleaner instead of single use spray bottles. These glass spray bottles can be refilled with tablets that dissolve in water instead of single use cleaning sprays.

Not only does this significantly reduce the quantity of plastic you'll use, but switching from liquid to pills also helps to cut CO2 emissions due to lighter transportation. Homethings is one of our favourite brands since their products look, smell, and clean like a dream.

From cotton pads and cotton buds to baking paper, face masks, and even zip lock bags, there are a plethora of common items for which you may discover fantastic reusable alternatives. Get out there and explore!


Recycling is self-evident. We've all known about it for years, right? Giving ourselves a big pat on the back for sorting our rubbish into distinct bin bags. Actually, it's not that straightforward.

In 2020, local authorities in the United Kingdom sent 500,000 tonnes of recycling to landfill due to contamination, wasting thousands of hours of labour and having a negative effect on the environment.

So, how does contamination occur? When you're in a hurry and don't fully wash out that juice bottle or Root Kitchen tray, (you know what I'm talking about.) That is, indeed, the source of contamination. We're probably all guilty of cutting corners like this from time to time, but most people aren't aware of the significant impact these careless actions may have. Contamination can also happen when products that shouldn't be put together are placed in the incorrect recycling boxes or bags.

Something that isn't quite as obvious as it appears is that because all councils do not have a standard set of guidelines for sorting rubbish, you may be able to mix glass and plastics in certain places but not in others. Exhausting, isn't it?

Unfortunately, the world is still not set up in such a manner that recycling is as simple as it could and should be, so we must be extra cautious and put in the effort to ensure that we are making the correct choices and moves every day.

Committing to something as easy as not contaminating your recycling isn't exactly a flashy commitment, but it can make a big difference. Take a chance!

If you'd like to learn more about our commitment to creating a sustainable food business, click here.

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