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Gearing Up For Big Plans In 2022

David Beaver
In January we reached the end of our first year of trading! In one sense, it feels like it's been a long time because we've been delivering thousands of meals to hungry customers all over the UK, but we've only just begun.

We've been on a large and exhilarating learning curve since our launch in Veganuary 2021, and we'd like to express our thanks to all of our customers. You've made our goal a reality by believing in us and enabled us to expand at a rate we weren't expecting but are grateful for!

As we head into our second year we've been thinking about ways to improve our product offering and services for our ever-growing Root Tribe, and what better way to hold ourselves accountable than to share our goals with you?

Let's take a look at what's in store...

More Meals

Nothing is more essential than the food we make and deliver, so it's no surprise that it's at the top of our priority list. Root Kitchen began with ten fantastic dinners created by Rishma and her team in our development kitchen. The meal testing process has been extensive but equally as delicious and our Head Chef Lyndon has truly excelled himself. We expect to release ten additional meals by mid 2022, the first of which will be available over the next couple of months.

Not only have we listened to your feedback and wishes, but we also live the Root Kitchen lifestyle ourselves. In additional to regular quality panels, we consume our own meals at least five days a week to get a sense of what our customers are going through. That's what inspired us to create the newest additions to our menu, which include exciting, fresh, and diverse flavours alongside a few classic, familiar dishes, ensuring that there's something for everyone, no matter what they're craving.

We're now focusing on the invisible effort that goes into new product introductions, such as packaging design, organising photoshoots, and fine-tuning our recipes so that they're flawless when they come at your door. Excited? You ought to be!

Additional Delivery Days

We'll be extending our delivery days to five per week over the next few months, as well as our days spent cooking in the kitchen, to ensure that we never compromise on quality or freshness.

We think that by making us more available to you when you're hungry and really need a buddy, this will make Root Kitchen more accessible to both old and new clients. That's why we're here, so keep an eye on things.

Create Less Waste.

As you may be aware, one of the driving motivations behind nearly all of Root Kitchen's actions is sustainability. We've worked extremely hard to make our meals in ecologically friendly packaging and to ensure that our meals are delivered with as little environmental impact as possible by working with the UK's only carbon neutral courier.

One of our aims for this year is to decrease food waste to zero where possible. While we do not currently have a significant quantity of food waste, we think that we can always do better and will not stop working until we achieve perfection. In light of this, we're looking into ways to streamline our processes so that we only order the produce we need to serve our meals.

More days in our kitchen and more delivery slots throughout the week, as well as carefully regulating our order cut-off periods to ensure we know exactly what orders are locked in before we contact or produce suppliers, are critical to this.

We are ecstatic to be improving and growing alongside you, and we couldn't do it without your help. Please let us know if there are any ways we can improve the Root Kitchen experience for you. We'll definitely consider it, and you might even have a say in how we change and grow!

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