What Happens if You Cut Out Meat & Dairy For a Month?

David Beaver

What if I told you that cutting out meat and dairy for a month could reduce your risk of numerous diseases, improve intestinal health and give 30 days of reduced inflammation?  There are loads of reasons why you may consider being vegan, even if you've never considered it previously.

Some people do it for ethical reasons, others for the environment while others may have had health conditions that require them to change their lifestyle and subsequently diet, maybe they want to manage their weight, reduce cholesterol, lower their risk of heart disease, or in the case of my Co Founder, Rishma, combat fatigue.

So, the reason for this blog post is to look at the positive effects abstaining from animal products for a month can have on your body.

Meat may be one of the major contributing factors as to why far too many people in Britain suffer from increased cholesterol levels. Many western diets currently include far too much meat and too few plant-based meals which are a great source of fibre.  Many studies have shown that if you cut meat out of your diet for just 30 days, your cholesterol levels can drop dramatically.

Cutting Out Meat & Dairy

A study conducted during the Netflix film, Game Changers, demonstrated the benefits following vegan diet on lowering cholesterol levels.  A group of fire officers from The New York City Fire Department took part in the experiment to eat less meat with one finding that plant-based eating could lower cholesterol levels by almost 40!  This shows that simply by removing meat from a diet, you could be able to lower your cholesterol levels as effectively as if you took a prescribed cholesterol treatment. 

Another problem in the western world is that cancer is on the rise, and one of the main causes is diet and lifestyle and it's not really surprising as it is so easy here days to order junk food which is low in nutritional value and his in saturated fats and sugar.  On the positive side it has been proven that cutting out the meat and adopting a vegan diet has been also been found to lower your cancer risk.

Who wouldn't jump at the chance to reduce their cancer risk? As mentioned earlier over reliance on meat and dairy foods can lead to chronic disease.  On the other hand following a plant-based diet is a proactive approach to illness prevention and lifespan! Even better, plant-based diets are far higher in natural cancer fighters, antioxidants, that help your body to remove free radicals. 

Do you have stomach aches and pains? If you're like most people in the UK, stomach pain could be a regular occurrence.  No surprise really that a lot these issues are caused by what you are putting in your mouth.  Trillions of bacteria make up the bodies microbiome, and many of them help us digest food in the gut.  Fiber rich plant-based diets encourage the growth of good bacteria, which helps to maintain our gut health whereas eating meat has the opposite effect encouraging the growth of pathogenic bacteria or in other words, the nasty bacteria that can cause disease.   A healthy stomach is crucial for general health, right down to how your brain works. The good news is that it just takes a few days to modify your diet and improve your gut health, so you'll feel the benefits of cutting out meat in as little as a few days.  Your microbiota will appreciate you if you give up meat for 30 days.

Finally, If you suffer from inflammation it will have an impact on every part of your health and is the root of practically every modern day disease. Going meat-free could well be the answer you were looking for if you want to improve your health. You may be shocked to see your overall inflammatory indicators decrease if your stopped eating meat for a thirty days, replacing it with plant-based foods. Plant-based diets are low in saturated fats, high in fibre, and free of the toxins found in animal products, oh and you guessed it they are also naturally anti-inflammatory.  The best bit? C-reactive protein, an inflammatory marker, is found to be lower in people who eat a plant-based diet, according to studies, so what are you waiting for, if you haven't already why not give 30 days of following a plant-based diet a try!

Well there you go, hopefully we've shown you that plant-based food has incredible power.  Let us know what happens to your body when you stop eating meat for a month.  Root Kitchen, the frozen plant-based meal delivery service, will be there to support you on the evenings when you may too tired or lazy to cook and may be tempted to slip and order an unhealthy takeaway.  Good Luck!

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